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Explanation of Warranty and Service:
A warranty card is provided for your review. The warranty that comes with the purchase of any REI equipment includes all software upgrades for one year; the case and exposed cables for ninety days; and the rest of the hardware for a full year. We recommend that you return your OSCOR or ORION about every 6 months for re-evaluation. Even if your unit appears to be working perfectly normal, we will inspect the unit for proper operation, give it a "tune-up" and install any software updates. REI is a company that believes in customer satisfaction, and we will certainly do whatever is reasonable in servicing your equipment. We are certainly prepared and capable of performing any required service on the equipment that we manufacture. The technicians that build and test the units are the same technicians that service the equipment. When a piece of equipment arrives at REI for service, we typically turn the equipment in 1 or 2 days. For this reason, at the present time, we have not found it necessary to have a loaner policy. If you have an emergency that requires the use of your equipment and it is being serviced or has a technical problem, we will attempt to meet you needs with either an expedited repair or possibly allowing you the use of one of our demo units.

Extended Warranty:
Additional warranties can be purchased for the OSCOR and/or ORION. Several customers have been asking for this option which will simply be an extension of the current warranty. If you wish to purchase a one year extended warranty for a unit, please ask your sales representative.

Legal Notice:
REI products are designed and intended for legal commercial applications, however because laws and regulations vary from state to state and country to country, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and user/operator to check and comply with all applicable laws and regulations for the possession and operation of this equipment before and after making a purchase.

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